• Master of Ceremonies
    entertainment anchor
    Conference Facilitator
    Business compere
    Corporate film (actor)
    Grooming & Etiquette Expert
    voice over artist
    content writer
    Founder - NGO (#shareittothemax)
    Mrs India Congeniality 2017
  • Mrs India Congeniality 2017
  • MRS india karnataka 2017
  • Art of articulation
    it always makes me
    stand on the other
    side of the crowd...
  • The art of
    is the
    language of leadership
  • a leader is the
    one who is an anchor
    in the midst of life’s storms
  • Your speech can influence,
    if you can influence
    you can change lives


As a Master of Ceremonies, I ensure your message is clearly delivered, while bringing a fresh approach, to presentations & seminars, while introducing the guests in a complimentary & professional manner.

As a Conference facilitator & a Panel moderator, it is my primary responsibility to serve as a genial host, with pious & presence. It is my duty, to handle the program smoothly, being punctual & understanding that the audience is important.

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